agatha agatha

A little bit about me….. I’m first generation Australian, born in Sydney to Polish parents. I grew up in Perth, Australia as an only child loving all things barbie and girlie!

My true love of the fashion world was triggered by a conversation with my mother about being teased for being skinny & tall when I was about 10. My mother showed me a picture of Elle Macpherson- explaining to me that being tall & skinny wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and how Elle started her successful entrepreneurial life as a result of it. The penny dropped and from that moment I was completely obsessed with models, clothes, styling and business.

I modelled during school and uni, and studied commerce. I became an accountant at a Big 4 accounting firm, and then my world stopped and changed forever. My beloved father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and died 8 months later. I took a break from my career and recovered, started a side hustle jewellery business with a girlfriend and soon after I was employed by a resource company. My career was blossoming and I had to let go of the side hustle… until my niggling love of fashion re-sparked, and Instagram became my creative outlet and my gateway back into fashion.

Instagram was my new side hustle, and I loved being able to balance the commerce world with more of a creative element in fashion. It has provided me with many opportunities to collaborate and work with so many amazing brands, and I've met so many inspiring and incredible people along the way.

Soon after, I met the man of my dreams and a few years later I was pregnant. Motherhood has shifted my focus to my family but I still enjoy the creativity Instagram provides.  The demand for me to share more on my own platform has been something I have been asked constantly, and now I’m ready for this next chapter.

So we are currently a family of 3, but I'm excited to share that our family is growing, and our new addition is due in May 2020.

So here it goes, welcome to Agatha Agatha- Style with a side of mummy.