Prams, prams and more prams....

On the daily, I get asked about what pram I love and to be honest a pram has become an additional accessory since becoming a mama. It's hard to limit to one pram, as I find each pram serves a different purpose so I'm sharing my favourite prams and the reasons I love them and I've included links if you need more info. 


Joolz Geo 2

joolz geo 2This was our first pram. I went with all black because I think it looks classic and polished. It comes with a bassinet and seat. Its perfect for newborns- very spacious and I love the huge basket- because lets face it- you need to carry so much stuff for babies. I found the Joolz Geo 2 a really good all rounder pram. Available here.


Babyzen Yoyo


baby zen yoyo 

The best travel pram full stop. We took this pram all around Europe- on endless flights and trains and it was honestly the best! No issues taking it on board with us as carry on- fits perfectly in the cabin. Life changing. We still use this today, so good for quick little errands and weekends away. It's a must have if you love to travel with kids. Enough said. Buy here.


Mountain Buggy Terrain  

Mountain Buggy TerrainThis is my coastal walk pram. It was the first pram Isabella actually fell asleep in (she was not a good sleeper!)- so this just proves how much of a super smooth ride it is for your bubba. When I was running on a regular basis, I loved how it has a hand-break right at my finger tips. Amazing storage- so many little pockets - I'm still finding pockets to neatly store things! It is the perfect running/walking pram. I leave mine by the front door ready to hit the coast. Shop here.


Joolz Hub 

joolz hub

My current all-rounder pram. I keep it in my car, ready to go- perfect for shopping trips as its easy to manoeuvre and you can lay it flat for when bubba needs a nap. The storage basket underneth is super handy... but I did find the Joolz Geo 2 has a lot more storage and is more heavy duty. Nonetheless, this is perfect for us now. I use this nearly everyday. Buy here.


....And now for me to find the perfect double pram! 


Agatha xx

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