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WELCOME! Thanks for taking the time to check out my new platform. I've been on Instagram for a few years now, but I thought it was time to branch out into the world of blogging, so I can share more details about the things I love.

It's been on my to do list for quite sometime, but life has kept me very busy, especially since becoming a mummy, but now that I’ve settled into motherhood and our new family home, I’m ready to start this next project!

So a little bit about behind the name of "AGATHA AGATHA”, there’s Agatha who loves style- from fashion, to beauty, homewares and travel… there's also Agatha the proud mother. This is a forum where I can share the looks I love, products that I’m obsessed with, some mama & mini styled looks and share a glimpse into my mummy side. I don’t envisage myself as a traditional “mummy blogger”, there will be no graphic birth stories featured on this platform! But there is no denying the fact that motherhood has influenced me as a person and also with my style.











Another driver to create this platform was the ability to sell some of my preloved items. I have been sharing my styled looks on instagram for a while now, posting a new outfit nearly everyday has meant I have accumulated quite the wardrobe! I often get DMs about the pieces I've worn and if they are available to buy or hire, so I think it’s a great opportunity to share these pieces with people that will love them as much as I have and also a good way to help with the environment! 

I can’t wait for this next chapter, and I look forward to sharing my style and a little bit of mummy things with you!

Agatha xx

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I remember years ago you talking about going into blogging, so excited to see you have!! Site is looking beautiful, congratulations babe! And heck yes to your amazing closet, talk about goals!
xx Jenelle | inspiringwit.com

Jenelle January 31, 2020

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